I have been using IX Webhosting to host my website now since 2005 and I believe it is time that I do a quick review of their services as a web host provider.

        IX Webhosting is a leader in shared hosting for websites, and now in the past year or so they have been moving up there game by providing new services such as Virtual Private Servers (VPS for short) and Cloud Hosting. Having been around since the late 90's they have come to understand what it takes to be the best of the best.

         When I first signed up back in 2005, I was after going through a number of other web hosts that forced you to share IP's with other users and gave you little space. But when I moved to IX Webhosting, they provided IP's and more space and bandwidth then you could ever want plus a number of domains for free, depending on the plan you picked. I believe they where one of the first to start the whole unlimited space and bandwidth for a website hosting company. They saw the demand and provided the solution at a low cost. And they are not joking about there 99.9% uptime, with high end servers and their network being monitored at all times to ensure that there is no overloading or loss, you know your in the right hands. I have only once since 2005 contacted support about down time. That's only one time in 8 years of service with them.

       Another thing that tells you that this company is doing everything it can to keep you up to date unlike other web hosts is how it is always developing the user experience by creating new control panels and options while adding more support.

       Support has got to be the best that I have seen in all my life of hosting. It is 24/7 and yes I mean 24/7 with phone, live chat, and a ticket system. The support staff go out of their way to help you and by the end of it, whatever problem you are having will most likely be taken care of.

        So to sum up this quick review of one of the best web host providers in the world (My personal opinion) whether you are new to websites and hosting, they are a great option for that and provide tools such as site builders for people new to creating websites. Or if your someone who looking for a new host. I recommend you give IX Webhosting a try and remember they have a 30 Day & Anytime Money-Back Guarantee.



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Disclaimer: The owner of this web page uses IX Webhosting and provided his personal opinion of IX Webhosting services based on his experience. Your experience may not be the same. The site owner does not work for IX Webhosting but is a member of IX Webhosting Affiliates plan.