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Website Updated: March 25, 2007

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Tutorial By: HITMAN-X-


Special Thanks To: Everyone over at Paint.NET

What You Will Need: Paint.NET, Windows, paper (Preferred 1 sided glossy photo paper), pinter, DVD cases.


This tutorial will try and explain how to make your own DVD covers for your DVD's. This is very useful if you burn a lot of your own media and use DVD cases.

Step 1:

Open Paint.NET and then go to File > New. You should have a pop up box called New asking you to put in your width & height sizes for your new canvas. For width put in 1472 pixels and for height put in 1000 pixels. (See image below for more detail).


Step 2:

Now you will need to add a new layer. Go to Layers > Add New Layer. This layer will be used for making the cover layout so you know were the back, spine, and font of the DVD case will be.

With the new layer still selected go to your Tools and pick the Paint Brush, set the Brush width to 2. We will now need to make 2 vertical lines. Your first line should start at coordinates 696,0 and end at coordinates 696,1000. Second line should start at coordinates 775,0 and end at coordinates 775,1000.

That is it for the layout. The left side is the back cover, middle is the spine of the cover, and the right side is the front side of the cover. Use the layout as a guide for making your DVD cover. (Note: If you want you can download the layout:Click Here)

The layout should look like the image below only bigger in size because the image below was resized to fit on the page.


Step 3:

Go back to your background or another layer and start making your DVD cover. It should not be to hard with the layout to guide you. You can see one I made in the image below. (Note: Image was resize to fit this webpage)

DVD Cover

Step 4:

Now it's time to print out your DVD cover. I would print mine on 1 sided glossy photo paper for a real looking DVD cover, however I only got 2 sided. You may print yours on any kind of paper.

Once it is printed you will need to cut of the excess paper around the image. (Note: If you not an adult then you should get an adult to help you with cutting the paper.)

Once you got your DVD cover cutted out you are ready to put it into your DVD case. Best way to put your cover into the DVD case is to open the case up so that the back, spine, and front are on one side flat. (see image below of DVD case for more detail)

Case no cover

Now take the Cover you just made and insert it into the case. You will need to wiggle it in. (See image below)

Putting Cover In

After you got your cover in you can close the DVD Case and it should make a perfect bend. That it your done.

Cover Done