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About Scott

Hi I am Scott Mugford and welcome to my about page were you will learn about me and what I like to do.

I was born May 6, 1988 in the town of Gander on the island of Newfoundland. I got into computers when I was in grade 6. When I made it to grade 7 in 2001 my parents had gotten me a computer for Christmas that I did not have to share. From grade 7 up I was always doing something with computers and just knew that I be going into college to do something with computers. I am now currently in college doing courses for Programer Analyst Networking. When done my courses I plan to move to the United States in hope to get a job with a data center there.

Me when I was in grade 10

I enjoy playing games online with my friends. We use a voice program called Ventrilo to talk to each other by headset and use game names. Most people who known me now for a good number of years call me Hitman or Hit for short as it was the gaming name I started with. Others who donít know me that well and I donít know them well enough call me Chapel or Project 2501 as I have change my gaming name. I am a member of the Team -X- gaming clan. In late 2005 I started up my own gaming clan called and ran two 64 player gaming servers in New York up till I went to college. When going to college I shut down and the two gaming servers in order to save money and the fact that I had to much work ahead of me to be able to keep the gaming clan on it feet.

Image from Call of Duty 2

Not only do I enjoy playing video games, I enjoy creating levels and mods for video games. I started to get into making 3D levels for Call of Duty. I now working on levels for Call of Duty 2 but have not been able to find much time to work on my levels. I developed a website called so I could have a place to put my work and current projects for games to. The level or as there called by level designs ďmapsĒ I am currently working on was a tank factory which is now going to be a warehouse.

My Computer

With my love of computers and games it was about time I started to think about a new gaming computer. So in late 2006 I build myself a custom gaming computer part by part. I called it project Black Knight because it is all black and is the most powerful gaming computer I have ever seen. I have ran benchmarks of this computer and got high ratings. I have not seen a game yet that this canít play and when them games do start to come out, this computer will be able to upgrade for them as it was built around the idea of having to upgrade at some time.

I enjoy listening to music and my favorite bands are Disturbed, Blind Guardian, DMX, and Gary Numan. Reason I like them bands is because almost every song they do I can enjoy. However there are a lot of songs not by them bands that I like, so I will give a top 10 list of songs by other bands I like.

  • This Time Imperfect - By: AFI
  • Mad World - By: Gary Jules
  • Land of Confusion - By: Genesis
  • Ghost Town - By: Huns and Dr. Beeker
  • Beauty is Within Us - By: Yoko Kanno
  • Seven Nation Army - By: The White Stripes
  • Paint it Black - By: Rolling Stones
  • No Rain - By: Blind Melon
  • Phenomenon - By: Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Smells Like Teens Spirit - By: Nirvana

I also enjoy Movies and TV shows. No matter if it is real or anime just as long as it is something that I can relate to and is not to far gone. Movies like The Matrix are far gone but itís story line makes up for it. I guess I like action movies the most. Well I will also give a list of my top 10 for movies.

  • Collateral
  • Band of Brothers
  • Lucky Number Slevin
  • Ghost In The Shell
  • Four Brothers
  • Spawn Animated Series
  • Virus
  • Alien
  • Pay Back
  • Green Mile

Well that about it. There not much else I can think about to tell you about me.