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About Us was developed to host tutorials by people for people. To understand how started we have to look at its developer. Scott Mugford the developer of always liked to make tutorials to help people with programs. Scott first started to make tutorials when he ran a gaming clan called were most of his users were having problems setting up a program called “Ventrilo” for voice communication. After shutting down for varies reasons Scott started a another website called was made to be a site were Scott could put info up on levels he is making for video games like Call of Duty. Scott again found he was making tutorials at for level design and installing of the editor.

As time went by Scott was busy with long hours of work and school so he would enjoy what time he had to his self by hanging out with friends, playing video games, and playing with a new photo imaging program called “Paint.NET” which would lead to the making of Over at the Paint.NET web site “” there is an area on there forums to post your own tutorials. Scott notice that a lot of the tutorials at the Paint.NET website were using free web hosts and image hosts to host there tutorials. Most people posting tutorials at Paint.NET website don’t have there own web hosting. This becomes a problem as most free web and image hosts only give there users a limited amount of space and bandwidth. Scott likes the Paint.NET program so much that he came up with the idea of hosting peoples tutorials for them. He knew that he has the resources from his web host “IX Webhosing” to setup a website to host many tutorials for all kind of things for people. never got of the ground till Scott had to do a website for his CR1500 course in college. After April 2, 2007 Scott will be asking people if he could host there tutorials on His goal is to have a website with the most tutorials for people. He wants it to be more useful to the user then the user having to go to multiple sites to find tutorials on what he/she is looking for.

“So why the name ?” you may ask. People often ask why that name was picked. The reason that it was pick was because it was unique and people tend to remember unique things more so then common things. The “Dex” in was going to be the name of a mascot / computer character that was going to be part of the site at the time. The “tut” in stands for the tutorials which the website was made to host and the “.com” is just the domain extension in the URL.

So that the story of and how it came to be a website to host tutorials by people for people. If you want to find out more about Scott please check out the link below.

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